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[Review] The Redemption of Callie & Kayden

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #2)

  From the New York Times bestselling author of The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden comes an emotional new story about two troubled souls sharing one all-encompassing love . . .

The dark secret Kayden has kept hidden for years is finally out. Worse, he's facing charges for battery. The only way to clear his name is for Callie to speak up-something he'll never ask her to do. Instead, he'll do whatever he must to protect her . . . even if it means letting go of the only girl he's ever loved.

Callie knows Kayden is going back to his dark place and desperately wants to save him. But that means facing her greatest fear and admitting her own painful secrets aloud. The thought of breaking her silence terrifies her-but not as much as the thought of losing Kayden forever.

Deep in her heart, Callie knows the time has come for her and Kayden to forget the pain of the past. With the help of her friends Seth and Luke she makes a plan to show Kayden the life they could have. But can she convince him they can make a fresh start together-or is she already too late?    

I read this quite a while ago, and because I’ve been so horrible with reviewing books I’ve read recently, I figured I might as well just go for it. I absolutely loved the first book in this series. The cliff hanger that you get left with in The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden was beyond heart wrenching. I mean, I wanted this book so fiercely. I was hooked and it wouldn’t come out soon enough. Talk about anxiously waiting, I was biting my fingernails off to until I got this book!

“I want to breathe. I want to feel alive again. I don’t want to feel the pain. I want it all back, but it’s gone. He’ll be alright, he has to be.”

This book picks up exactly where the first one left off. Obviously I won’t tell you what is going on… but if you’ve read the first one, and not the second yet – You already know. I had so many questions that I not only wanted… but NEEDED answered from the first novel.  Although I’m pleased that all my burning questions were answered, I was fairly disappointed in this novel. It felt very rushed, and it’s almost like the author just wasn’t that into the story anymore. Now I’m not saying I didn’t like this book, because I did. I could easily give an equally amount of faults as I could compliments.

The characters definitely had some growth in this book, but also had a lot of inner turmoil and anguish to deal with as well as the burdens held by each other. The love in this story was still just as great as in the first, as you can feed on the strength of the bond between Callie and Kayden. The continuation of their bond grows stronger, as it also detours and hits many speed bumps. Two tortured souls trying to find solace in one another is just grounds for an epic love story, which this is.  

“I'm just here,existing at the surface of the water,not quite drowning but not quite able to breathe.” 

I have to say that this book was much darker than the first book, as you learn more about the suffering and deep dark secrets that each one of them is keeping. This story is not one for the faint of heart. It’s bold and dark, with an epic love story twisted in the mix. I think that maybe because I had such high expectations for this book, I felt it was an emotional let-down for me. I honestly wish I had loved this book more than I did. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to read the rest of the stories, even though the next one is about Violet and Luke. I’m still on the fence about the rest of the series.  I really wish I could say more, but I truly just don’t know how I feel about this installment of the series.

“There's this connection, this understand that we are two people who have been fractured, not by ourselves but by someone else and we're doing everything we can to not shatter to pieces.” 

Even though I’ve had a few complaints with the story, I truly did like it overall. The emotional rollercoaster that we all love to ride is still there, and if you’ve read the first one – I definitely recommend reading this installment. Make sure you read The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden first though, otherwise you’ll be completely lost.  This was one of those books where I find it unfortunate that I didn’t love it. I know, it happens… but I mostly love everything I read. Again, I really wish that this installment could have done it for me, but it didn’t. However – I’ll still recommend it. Just because I feel Eh about it, doesn’t mean that you won’t absolutely love it. As I said, it truly is an epic love story with dark moments.

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[Synopsis Reveal] Every Soul - LK Collins

Author: LK Collins
Genre: Erotic Romance

When you lose the one person who grounds your existence, your whole world changes.

In life, it is said that everything happens for a reason. If that’s true, how can you explain death? Especially when it happens to someone so young, so beautiful, and so innocent? My name is Bain Adams, and I struggle with these thoughts every day. I’ve been through hell and back, somehow surviving the unimaginable. My sister took her life six months ago, and now, what’s left is a shell of the man I once was, a shadow of the person I used to be. Do I miss that life? Absolutely. But I miss her more, every day. I pray time will ease the pain and help my suffering while I search for the answers…but so far, nothing.

Happiness is something I knew so long ago, and now it’s nothing but a faint, distant recollection of the life I once had. My name is Arion LaSalle, and seven months ago my life was shredded to pieces when my fiancé disappeared while deployed. He never came home, burning a hindrance of pain and agony within my soul. For so long, I lived my life believing everything happens for a reason, until now. ‘Cause none of it makes any sense. Why Nate? Why only him? Since getting through each breath is a struggle, I put on a fake persona, pretending I’m someone I’m not, living my life recklessly. Because for me, it was all taken far too soon.

Coming this Fall!!

Cover will be revealed on August 29th!


LK Collins

LK Collins is first and foremost a devoted wife and mother. She loves music and has openly admitted that she's addicted to it. Without the strength of the words from some of her favorite artists, what she does...would not be possible. She works the normal 9 to 5 like the rest of the world, but is fortunate that she's allowed to listen to music for eight hours a day. When she gets home, she turns into Superwoman; juggling the crazy world of being an indie author, a mom, and a wife. Both her daughter and her husband share names with famous presidents. Her husband is referred to by her readers as "the Prez", a name well deserved.

LK has had a passion for the worlds created by authors for as long as she can remember and with the support of the Prez, she has successfully self-published three titles in the Life. Destiny. Fate Series. While her books are erotica, they are also known for dramatic storylines that will keep the reader enthralled from page one. Not to mention that while she may write a series, each is a stand-alone novel offering the reader a happily ever after. No cliffhangers for this author!

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[Cover Reveal] Devotion

The Seductors Series Vol. 3

by B.L. Wilde

Cover Design: Jo Matthews
Genre: Romance/Erotica/Suspense 
Expected Release Date: September 12, 2014


Falling in love is never easy, but when you’re a Seductor who has fallen for your target, it’s impossible.  
Now that Jade has learned the whereabouts of the powercore made by Oliver’s company, her mission is almost over. The chances of being able to stay with him at the end of her contract are slim and she knows that. Would her organization really keep their word? When has a Seductor ever been able to stay with their mark?
When disaster strikes near the end of her assignment, Jade is faced with the biggest decision of her life—she must choose between her heart’s desire and doing the right thing for the sake of the world. Her choice may just be the catalyst that sets her free.   
What happens when the truth comes out? Will Oliver be able to let her go this time? Or will their love for each other be enough to finally bring The Seductors down?
One thing is for certain—devotion will seal their fate.

***Contains mature content meant only for 18+ years of age.***

About B.L. Wilde:

B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories. Supported fully by her husband, she can often be found at her desk working on her next project.
Her journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories over three years ago, and she hasn't looked back since.

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Does this peak you interest? 
Learn more about The Seductors Series by reading Volumes 1 and 2 today!

The Seductors Series Vol. 1

Jade has worked as a Seductor in a secret organization for five years now. Her main job? To earn the trust of her targets and secure the object or information her company was hired to steal—by any means necessary. She’s damn good at it, too.
With five years left on her contract, she is handed an assignment that turns her world upside down.
Oliver Kirkham is the attractive, young CEO of Kirkham Industries, a weapons manufacturing company, and is currently in possession of some very important blueprints—blueprints that could change the way war, as we know it, works. He’s extremely focused and doesn’t have time to date, at least until he comes to the rescue of a shy but very alluring Jade Gibbs.
What happens when one night of passion turns into more? Will Jade allow her feelings for Oliver to get in the way of her mission? Or will she do what she was hired to do and secure the steal?

***Contains mature content meant only for 18+ years of age.***

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The Seductors Series Vol. 2

            When Jade walked out on Oliver six months ago, she left her heart behind. Little did she know her mission was far from over. Given a new mission—to secure a secret nuclear power core—she’s thrown back into his world and has to earn his trust once more. The only problem is that she’s competing directly with another Seductor that she despises, who has already been on the mission for two months.
            Oliver was devastated when he discovered Jade had left him, so he closed himself off to the world, focusing solely on his job. Everything is thrown into chaos when she resurfaces, working for an old friend of his.
            Will Jade be able to win Oliver back while fighting her jealously that another Seductor might steal the mission from her? Consumed with love, controlled by a hunger she has never known, can she protect her heart a second time around if Oliver takes her back? 
***Contains mature content meant only for 18+ years of age.***

Buy Hunger (TSS#2) Now!

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