Saturday, March 23, 2013

[Review] On Every Street - Karina Halle

On Every  StreetKarina Halle
On Every Street by Karina Halle

"It's funny what love can do to a person. It strips them of everything, even their instincts. It creates a new reality for you to adhere to, a new world where you break the rules just to keep the love intact."

"Any love that starts out under a lie is bound to kill you." 

I adored On Every Street. Holy fucking shit. I read the first 30 % before I met Karina Halle. Regretfully I didn't pick it back up for quite a few days. Then I picked it back up and DEVOURED it. This is one of those books where YOU. CAN'T. PUT. IT. DOWN. I do however strongly recommend that you read Sins and Needles before you read On Every Street, even though it is a 0.5 Novella.

Javier... Oh Javier. You're possessive, obsessive, kind, loving, controlling, and completely SEXY. I wanted to continue to hate him, after Sins and Needles. I still kind of do. The hurt, and anguish Javier caused... for what? However, I have a soft spot for him. Underneath the monster and beast that Javier is... There are moments of pure and beautiful love.

I love Eden. When Ellie Watt stepped into the roll of Eden White for the con, she completely engulfed herself in the con. Ellie had all the right intentions when starting out. Having no idea the effect her "mark" would have on her. Would you give up everything you're working for, for love??

There is a thin line between love and obsession. I do believe that Javier and Eden love each other, but it was an unhealthy love."Mistaking obsession for love is one of the greatest mistakes you'll ever make." 

Karina Halle, You outdo yourself every damn time. I've not read an author yet who can do a complete twist in a novel with such ferocity and stealth as you can. I can't even be mad at you when you write such painstakingly HEART WRENCHING plot twists! I'm still emotional over On Every Street. Being able to physically feel the characters emotions... nothing can compare to that.

I can't wait. I just can't! What the hell is going to happen next!? I'm overwhelmed with excitement and I'm delirious with anticipation!

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