Monday, May 20, 2013

[Cover Reveal] Tottering Trilogy

The Tottering Trilogy
Katlyn Charlesworth


tot•ter•ing (ˈtɒt ər ɪŋ): to appear about to collapse; lacking stability
Tottering on the edge of insanity… these females aren't exactly your typical "Kate Middleton"s.

Royals gone a little mad.  

Not every figure of royal blood has their crown on straight. From unusual hallucinations, to gruesome rituals, and vicious murder--these prominent women have a few issues of their own that even their royal status can't solve. Sometimes, the darkest secrets reside behind the doors of a palace.


Katlyn CharlesworthA note from Katlyn: 
I'm sort of a walking contradiction...
I'm a spinner of tales, but forever a reader; an old soul, but young at heart; a total romantic, but a horror movie guru; a roller coaster fanatic, yet always lightheaded.
I think dogs are better than cats and I am convinced my fish has a crush on Audrey Hepburn. I dream in black-and-white, yet try to live with as much vibrancy and color possible, during the day. I think laughter is the best medicine and kissing is the best calorie burner. I think handwritten letters are better than typed ones. I think winter is way too cold, summer is way too hot, and fall is for football.
And I think life is a beautiful thing...

Katlyn Charlesworth is an Ohio native, who is convinced she has a more southern frame of mind, and grew up writing short stories and participating as a weekly columnist, reporter, and editor in her high school’s newspaper publication.
She enjoys listening to country music and wishes her days occurred in the form of a real life musical. She is a total romantic, but could spend the entire day watching horror films. If she could, she would buy a million vintage typewriters to write her novels with, as long as there was a magical, and somewhat futuristic, ‘delete’ key added in (it’s mandatory).

Her first two novels, We All Fall Down and A Thousand Deaths, are historical fiction. She is currently working on a third novel of the same genre, while being in-and-out of hospitals, due to her two chronic illnesses (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), and is still hoping for that real life musical number!
Katlyn currently resides with her parents, younger brother, and four dogs in Colorado.

She loves hearing from current and future readers, so feel free to email her at and she will be sure to get back with you!
Also, check out her website:

Katlyn also has a “street team” called The Tale Spinners, to help promote her novels! By joining, you could be a character in her next book, get signed copies of both of her books, have your name in the acknowledgements of her next book, and so much more! Email her at so you can start earning your prizes!

Check out her other novels here:
We All Fall Down        A Thousand Deaths

Check out my 4 star review of  We All Fall Down here

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  1. LOVELY! Thank you for hosting the cover unveiling! :) You ladies are fantastic!
    xo - Katlyn


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