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[Giveaway & Review] A Night to Forget - Jessica Wood

A Night To Forget -Jessica Wood

What happens in Cancun doesn’t always stay in Cancun. 

When Emma Anderson and her friends decided to spend their senior year Spring Break in Cancun, she expected some crazy memories to end their final college days. What Emma didn’t expect was to meet Brandon Fisher. Tall and sexy, with dimples that would make any girl swoon, Brandon Fisher was literally the man of Emma’s dreams. She couldn't quite believe that this stranger, who seduced her every night in her dreams, actually existed.

After serendipitously bumping into each other, Emma could not resist Brandon’s pull and spent an unforgettable night with him. Passing it off as a spring break fling, Emma never expected to see Brandon again.  But when she started her first day at her new job a few months later, there he was. The only problem was, Brandon didn’t even remember her.  
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Jessica Wood’s debut novel A Night to Forget is simply stunning and original.  Jessica left me wanting so much more and yet satisified. This book kept me guessing from the first chapter to the end. Hell, I’m still guessing! I’m not saying this in a bad way either. I was completely entertained with this novel and I was completely taken in by this story. Jessica’s debut novel is very well written and I couldn’t compliment it more. To be honest, the only reason it got a 4 from me is because I thought it was a little short. I loved the story, the imagery was beautiful and the cliffhanger at the end?! Well Shit. Is it August yet!? Cause I most definitely need to know what happens… and it’s killing me that I don’t!

The characters were charming and realistic, and made you believe you were right there with them. Emma was super relatable to me being that she is such a klutz, and saying what she’s thinking out loud by accident. I loved that she had a past, but it wasn’t revealed right away. The love interest, Brandon was steamy and had that douche bag quality to him (or so you think…). Again, I tell you. GUESSING! Jessica you’re driving me crazy in a good way! Hehe. I also loved the group of girls who were the supporting characters. Especially Steph. I aspire to be someone just like her, but that will probably never happen. Steph is quirky, smart, funny, obnoxious, and knows how to party. I LOVE that in someone. Her motto – Work Hard, Play Hard.  This books witty banter was excellent and it made me feel as if I was in the conversation with the girls. A couple of times I noticed that I put my own little comments into their talks, while reading. 

While this is a shorter novel, there is a lot going on. The occurrences between all the characters will keep you thinking about what’s real and what’s not real. Shit – I’m still wondering what’s real and not! I don’t want to ruin the story for you, so I’m not going to tell you what I’m talking about. HAHA! Read it for yourself. I have to say, I’m grateful for the fact that Jessica kept me guessing cause I’m one of those people who figure it out and then say I KNEW IT! Then I get that whole complex about being right, like always. Congratulations Jess. You stumped me and that’s hard to do! I do feel better knowing that it’s not a murder mystery that I couldn’t solve though. However… if she does end up writing one eventually, I’m so down for it. 

Even though I bitched about it being short, I loved this book. It was fun, fast and something you will NOT forget. Not only do I want to visit Cancun to find myself a Brandon of my own (Shh. Don’t tell my husband!) and have a crazy good college time while being single… (sigh) Wait, What happens in Cancun stays in Cancun… right!? No… let me stop that thought before I get myself in trouble, haha. Anyways… This is an excellent work of art for a debut author. I’m excruciatingly waiting for the second novel to come out in August. That’s only 2 months… (SAID NO READER EVER!) I’m in agonizing pain waiting for this. 1 hour is too much for me right now! Jessica, I love you and I’m so excited for you. Now give me book 2! Seriously though, This novel definitely had the right amount of sexy, drama, laugh out loud moments, pain staking moments of tears, and just enough happily ever after. I suggest you read this RIGHT MEOW. 


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