Friday, June 7, 2013

[Review] Three of Spades - W. Ferraro

Three Of Spades - W. Ferraro
Three of Spades

Yet another man from Hamden has played the strings of my heart. In the first novel (Three of Hearts), Seth took my heart, then stepped on it… and then fixed it.  Now apparently it’s Dylan’s turn. As much as I loved Seth in the first novel, W. Ferraro really came to bat when she wrote about Dylan. I mean, I would let that man go to home base ANY way he pleased. (Not sure why I referenced baseball, as I don’t particularly like it… but it worked.) W. Ferraro’s writing style just held me glued to my kindle. One sitting read? YES. However, I did read it in 2 sittings. I have a habbit of getting hit in the face with the kindle while reading, cause I refuse to stop… until I absolutely have to.  This novel is not only INCREDIBLY steamy, but it’s an emotional journey on both lead characters parts that just shouldn’t be missed! W. Ferraro, you nailed it. Angst, lust, deception, betrayal, heartbreak, I could go on and on!

The characters in the book are completely out of this world with awesome-sauce. Dylan Cross, is a successful business owner who is well known with the ladies, as his reputation as a play boy precedes him. Until he meets little Natalie, a Kindergarten teacher, who gives him a proposition he just can't refuse. Natalie can be described as mousy, average looking and a plain normal woman who has made it her life to take care of her mother. As her mother is nearing her days, she is on Natalie’s case to finally get a life, and get a love interest. Not taking her mother’s advice, she decides to pretend to be in a relationship… Enter Dylan Cross.  The relationship between Dylan and Natalie grew into something fierce, primal, and to put it simply – sexy. 

I love how W. Ferraro intertwined the characters from Three of Hearts (Seth and Mae) along with Wes. Speaking of Wes, OH MY GOD I can’t wait until I can get my paws on Three of Diamonds!!! W. Ferraro leaves you always wanting more while being satisfied with everything you've read. I laughed, cried, yelled, cursed, and completely related with all the characters.  I absolutely loved this book and I’m starting to see a trend here, that being that I LOVE W. FERRARO! Yep. That’s right. Ms. Ferraro has been added to my list of authors who I will buy without even having to read the synopsis. She is most definitely ONE CLICK approved. 

I would recommend this book to EVERYONE. Especially for those who love a bad boy.  Be honest, we all love the bad boy. Read Three of Hearts first though, as though they don’t necessarily have to be red in order – I would. There are some spoilery parts in this book about the characters in Book 1 (Hearts). Either way, these stories need to be read. RIGHT MEOW. Go, go, go and get a copy! I am proud to say that I will be meeting Ms. Ferraro at the Stamford Author Event, and getting ALL THREE of her books, to get them signed. I. Must. Covet. These. Books. FOREVER

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