Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[Giveaway] Not so bookish giveaway!

Don't want a jar candle??
This deal just got EVEN SWEETER!!!!!!!!!!! The party will END on the 21st, so YOU CAN DO THIS SALE TOO!!!!!!

Ok, so I'm trying to lighten my load of books, since the hubby has told me that I can't get anymore bookcases until we move into our own house. So I figured, "Hey! I'm trying to become a consultant, Why don't I share something I love with a community that I love!?" BAM! So I came up with the idea of doing a Book Giveaway with purchase! I know - you still have to spend money, but you're getting an extra bang for your buck!
I've found a product and company that I TRULY believe in, and I'd like to become a consultant for the PartyLite team. Now I know you're thinking Umm.. What the Hell Bethany? The point of this whole post is to offer an opportunity for you to take part of a HUGE sale going on right now! We all love candles, Right!? 

When the power goes out.. what do we use to read!? Candles. 
When your tablet of choice loses battery... What do you use if you can't charge it!? Candles and a Book.


I really want to spread the word about this product. I've been ordering this product non stop for over two years now... and NOW IS MY TIME! I'm trying to raise $300 in SALES, so that I can get my starter kit at a discounted price! This is technically my "starter show". Instead of hosting a party at my house, I'm throwing one online and adding BOOKS!!!  I want to make something out of myself and have so much fun doing it!!! ( I tell you, the regional events that I've gone to in the past two weeks just made me fall SO much more in love with this company. Coming into the blogging world has changed my life DRASTICALLY. I swear I have a connection to each and every one of you. If I haven't met you yet - I want to. When I meet you, you will get a HUGE hug from me! 

And you can ask Kait... I'm not a touchy feely person. I'm trying to become the social butterfly that I once was... After certain traumatic experiences have changed my life in the past 10 years. I'm not going to bother getting in to that sob story. I've come to the conclusion... and that if I want to make something of myself and DO better, I need to DO IT! No more "Oh.. I'll think about it" Nope. I'm diving head first into the deep end. If I want to better my surroundings I have to better myself, Right? Right. So, without making you read an entire book (haha) about my decision to do something with my life BEFORE I turn 28 in August. Here's the deal. I'm even going to sweeten the pot!

Now don't forget - the dreaded Christmas season is encroaching rather fast upon us! Take advantage of this while you can! Buy a present for someone, get a present for yourself! Or, just get a ton of presents! These candles REALLY do speak for themselves, they don't need my help to promote them. The fragrance they emit is simply WONDERFUL. They burn FOREVER... and the accessories to get with them - GORGEOUS

You don't have to just order the candles, you can order whatever you'd like! The Scent-Glow Warmers are phenomenal! I just thought that buy 2 get 2 free is an amazing deal, so I'm all over that! So you'll get buy 2 get 2 free PLUS some free bookish stuff! 

With a $50 order you will get 
a SIGNED book, an ARC, AND some swag. 

With a $30 order you will get an ARC and some SWAG! 

Now - there can be only 8 winners. This is also US only
I'm sorry - I can't afford shipping costs!

I WILL delete the photos of the books as they are ordered! 

All you need to do is send me an email @ bafarwell@gmail.com with your request, and either a confirmation order number or just a screenshot of the e-receipt. 

ALL ORDERS get shipped DIRECTLY to YOU! 

Here are the books that you can choose from - 

Boundless (Unearthly, #3)  The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2)  Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2)  Stalked by Death (Touch of Death, #2)
the copy of Boundless is an ARC
Tiger's Destiny (The Tiger Saga, #4)  Parasite (Parasitology, #1)  The Infinite Moment of Us  All the Truth That's in MeFractured (Guards of the Shadowlands, #2)  The Shade of the Moon (The Last Survivors, #4)

Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott (No Cover has been revealed)

There are TWO copies of: 
The infinite moment of Us

*** Covers for Fractured and Tigers Destiny are NOT the official covers!***

THIS ENDS ON 7/21/13 @ 11:59PM EST!!!

Now to order:
 Go to this website:

When asked for a HOST name, Enter BETHANY FARWELL 

IF you do NOT enter my name as a hostname you will NOT be able to get the B2G2 deal. 
Nor will the order apply to this little giveaway of sorts! So double check!!
Oh and one more thing - 
If you buy $50 you can get ANY item at 50% off
So if you like one of those higher price hurricanes or holders, TAKE ADVANTAGE!

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