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[Blog Tour] No Reverse - Marion Croslydon

A girl who needs to undo the past.
A boy who wants to forget it.
In love, there’s no way back

No Reverse
At high school in Steep Hill, Kansas, Cassie O’Malley and Josh MacBride were the poster couple for quarterback/cheerleader romance until they starred in their own tale of teen pregnancy. No need to say: their shotgun wedding was low-key. But when there was no baby anymore, they went their separate ways.

Five years later, Josh has breezed through Georgetown and is about to finish his post-grad degree at Oxford University. He is set to join a lobbying group on Capitol Hill, owned by his new fiancée’s father. For Josh, the sky is now the limit… only he must first take care of a tiny legal matter: technically, he’s still married to the girl who broke his heart. 

Meanwhile, Cassie has been waiting tables in Steep Hill to pay for her sick grandmother’s care. On the day of the old lady’s funeral, Cassie is served with two sets of papers. Josh is asking for a divorce. Her heart squeezes, but, well, he moved on a long time ago. But the second envelope shakes Cassie to the core. So, for the first time, she leaves Kansas and heads to good ol’ England.

There, Cassie finds that Josh has not just “moved on,” he’s freakin’ engaged to some blue-blooded heiress. The feelings Cassie had buried deep rush back to her. But no matter if he keeps thrusting the divorce papers under her nose, she needs him to save the only person she loves more than Josh, more than life itself

“There were so many ways to love someone, but there was only one way to love Cassie. Only one way Cassie could love.


First of all, I absolutely adore Marion. Oxford Whispers, her first novel was such a perfect mix of everything. That’s when I decided that Marion would be one of those authors who I would read the next book she puts out without hesitation. I then read the sequel of the Oxford trilogy (Oxford Shadows) and fell even more in love. Now that I’ve read this first book in her new series, I am without a doubt in booklove with Marion Croslydon. No Reverse is completely different from her first two novels, yet still packs a little bit of everything in it. Oh, and I am so happy about the tie-in of the character Sam. I loved him in Oxford Shadows!

The Characters in this story were brilliant. I immediately fell in love with Cassie, she was down to earth, selfless, and all around southern girl. I hated how she let people walk all over her and make her decisions for her though. In the beginning I felt that she could have stood up for herself a lot more. Cassie’s character definitely grew through-out. She started learning how to stand up for what SHE believes is right.  I was ecstatic when she took the trip to Oxford to make things right, or at least try to. She just needed to face Josh again, the one and only love of her life.

I’m not sure exactly how I felt about Josh. I had a love/hate relationship with his character.  In the end I’m not sure if I’ll still love Josh or if I’ll just want to slap him.  Josh and Cassie grew up together, were best friends, and then became lovers. In their senior year of High School, Josh and Cassie had a falling out. After that Josh went to Georgetown and then followed with Oxford, thinking of Cassie all the time, but after having your heart broken so badly…he just can’t forget what happened. The inner turmoil that he went through, was just incredible. 

Six years… That’s a long time not to talk to someone. How would you feel if the love of your life, who you think betrayed you just showed up? This story grabbed me from the synopsis. I can’t even lie. It’s much easier when you trust the author bringing you the story, but seriously. Read the synopsis. Tell me you don’t want to read this? You know you do. I have to say, this was the perfect contemporary romance. Lost love, betrayal, heartbreak, devastation, and just the right amount of sass, No Reverse leaves you with the undeniable feels. I am going to be desperately awaiting the sequel to Cassie and Josh’s story.  You need to grab this, read this and then talk to me about it!

Once again, Marion – You’ve captivated me with your words. I booklove you. 


Marion’s parents are terribly disappointed with her… They wanted her to have a serious job, providing financial stability and social standing. For years, she really tried to make them happy; she studied hard, got into top schools, graduated with honors and found a high-achieving job. But deep down, Marion was miserable. She never wanted to be a top executive, brokering deals in New York, London or Tokyo. 

Marion wanted to be… a ROMANCE WRITER. She wanted to spend her days in that good ol’ tracksuit of hers, in front of her laptop, popping down Oreos like there was no tomorrow. She wanted to fall in love with a different man each time she wrote the first line of a new book (while being happily married to the most handsome man in Great Britain).

That’s exactly what Marion does these days, and it makes her incredibly happy. She loves to share these happy vibes, talk book crush, fictional boyfriends and sexual chemistry with like-minded people. And because she spends most of her  days on her own deep inside her writing cave, you are welcome to come and say “hello” from time to time. Just to make sure she doesn’t sink into insanity. Her friends, family and arch-enemies (there are quite a few) will be forever grateful for your help.


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