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The discovery of an ancient bottle unleashes a Genie - and the wrath of the Demon Gypsies chasing her...

When Suzette (“Suki”) is released from her bottle by two teen girls, she is more than a bit surprised that a Genie of her calibre is beholden to two average high school students. After dealing with dignitaries and noblemen, however, she believes this will be a welcome break.

Until she discovers the teens’ hidden powers and that one will come to possess the Amulet of Pollox, a necklace that contains the secrets from some of the greatest minds throughout history. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one who notices. The Amulet draws the attention of the two powerful and vengeful Demon Gypsies who have pursued Suki through time and will stop at nothing to snatch the girls and the Amulet.

Suddenly, Suki is not just helping the girls navigate high school crushes, she’s safeguarding them from danger unlike anything they’ve ever known. To make matters more complicated, she must also fight her attraction to James - her protector through the ages - whose sudden arrival threatens her resolve and her heart.

A time-traveling Genie and her unrequited love...
Demon Gypsies with an insatiable quest for power...
And the teen girls whose existence threatens them all.

This is the world of “Released,” book one of The Romani Realms series by Mia Fox, a Young Adult trilogy featuring elements of paranormal romance and steampunk.


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Suzette (Suki)
Suzette is a three-hundred plus year old genie, but unless you want to start a rather sudden thunderstorm in your living room, you wouldn’t dare bring up her age. She spent her formative years in the South and whole heartedly believes that one should not discuss the age of a lady. But the real reason is that Suki is a tad bit vain and quite proud of the fact that she doesn’t look a day over 29. 

Having time traveled in and out of the lives of many a famous man, she has learned a thing or two about love, except where her own heart is concerned. Falling for James may be her un-doing. She is head over heels, but not quite used to the idea of a man serving as her protector. After all, she has always been the one to influence and lead the men in her life. Every man who has ever released her has established their place in history -- unfortunately, that place hasn’t always been rooted with rewards. Even though Suki may lead her releasors astray, her heart is in the right place and overflowing with the best of intentions.

Raven is vengeful, manipulative, and power hungry. To see her in action, one wonders how she could ever have been best friends with the sweetly naive Suki. Then again, to see Raven now it’s hard to imagine that she was willing to sacrifice her own life to save her lover’s back in the days of the Salem Witch Trials. Losing a loved one at the prime of their life can change a person permanently and Raven is evidence of that. 

When Phineas came into her life, she took him under her wing. Theirs is a complicated relationship with Raven having bestowed extended life upon him. As a result, he is indebted to Raven, but to her chagrin his devotion to her is peppered with isolated acts of independence. Raven loves Phineas, but does not take kindly to another man standing up against her.

As for her relationship with former BFF Suki, Raven turned her back on Suki when the genie refused to allow Raven to take the fall for her lover. Deep down, Raven knows her anger toward Suki is misplaced, but a secret (that will come out in book 2) she keeps close to her heart just won’t allow Raven to forgive and the anger that has brewed within her for centuries remains cast on Suki and anyone around her.

James gives new meaning to the strong silent type.  Although he has watched over Suki for centuries, he kept his presence unknown to the time traveling genie who would one day steal his heart. As a Shade, James is devoted to Suki and vowed to watch over her,  although his presence in her life remained a secret until she was released by teens Charlotte and Samantha, and the wrath of Raven and Phineas -- demon gypsies -- was unleashed. 

When looking after Suki, James is both Southern gentleman and mischievous rogue. His personality borders on arrogant, but one could never place that label on him because gosh darn it, he has every reason to be arrogant. With charm and good looks, an astute knowledge of history, he is a supernatural hottie if there ever was one. Oh, and to complete the package, he’s also a highly successful business man with a fortune made during the Industrial Revolution. Talk about boyfriend material.


Mia Fox is a Los Angeles-based novelist who writes across varied genres including contemporary fiction, chick lit, and young adult/new adult. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from U.S.C. followed by a Masters Degree in Professional Writing also from U.S.C. A lifelong reader and history lover, Mia enjoys infusing her writing with details of the past as she has done in her first book, "Released," part of the Romani Realms trilogy, which combines paranormal romance with elements of steampunk. Her follow up book, "Alert the Media," is based on her previous professional life working as an entertainment publicist. Today, she is happy to leave that world behind her, preferring that any drama in her life is only that which she creates for her characters. Mia is happily married to her best-friend, a Brit who has inspired her with annual visits to England, an appreciation for dark chocolate, and the blessing of their three children.


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