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[Series Review & Giveaway] Love Me With Lies Series by Tarryn Fisher

This is a series review, but it has NO SPOILERS! For any of the books. I swear!

The Love Me With Lies series fucked with my head. I didn't write a review for The Opportunist, Dirty Red, or Thief because I just couldn't. The books that I really love I have a hard time expressing why I love them. There's too much to say and I spend hours obsessing over what to write, it's kind of ridiculous. The characters, the relationships, the emotions, the EVERYTHING. This series is about a relationship. A very fucked up, beautiful, mind numbing, crazy, somewhat scary relationship. So what better to focus my review on than the characters themselves?
I've talked about real characters many times in my book review lifetime but never has there been a character more real to me than Olivia. She's a little bit tapped, she's an emotional wreck, she's a whole lot of “what the fuck is wrong with you!?”. She's also a liar and an opportunistic manipulator. The great thing about Olivia Kaspen is that she can be all of that but I still love her because she is still ultimately a good person. Who hasn't manipulated a situation to benefit themselves? I know I have.
Olivia is definitely a complex character. After three books I still don't quite get her, but that's what makes her more like a real woman[complicated as hell and not easy to figure out].

Caleb Drake isn't perfect, far from it, but he's also not the same as all bad boys of literature. He doesn't fit into the cut out a lot of authors seem to use for their male leads. Caleb is probably the hardest character to write about without spoiling anything, so I can't say much. But I can pretty much guarantee that you will fall for Caleb early on, and hard.

(And yes, Caleb has blonde hair, unlike this picture above and the cover of Thief, but I kinda pictured him with dark blonde hair so this picture will have to do. If you don't like it make your own. ;]  )

Leah Smith gets a ton of flack. Do I hate her? Yes. Do I love her? Yes. Leah made the series for me. Without Leah there would have been no one to direct my anger towards. The story wouldn't have been the same without her. She's like vegetables in a pot pie. They aren't as good as the crispy crust, and they definitely aren't as good as the meat, and sometimes you look at them in disgust and wonder “what the fuck are you doing in my pot pie!?” but without them it really wouldn't be a pot pie. I really debated leaving that analogy in, but I will because I can't think of another way to explain her. Leah is a mega bitch, and pretty much unlovable, but she is definitely necessary. At times when I glanced her human side I actually felt sympathy for her[though it never lasted long].

There is something special about this series. Before I read The Opportunist I read a review that described it as a mind fuck, and I couldn't agree more. This series is a complete mind fuck. Tarryn took risks, she didn't write a series wrapped up nicely with a pretty pink “happily ever after” bow on top. This book is ugly, painful, and damn scary at times. Anyone who has been in love knows that love is not perfect, there's no such thing as a HEA because life isn't fair and people do fucked up things. I won't say anything else except I loved the series, I loved the beginning, the fucked up road bumps in the middle, and the

Love Me With Lies will tear you heart up from the very first chapter and you will never be the same. And when you reread it, because trust me you will need a reread, you will feel exactly the same as the first time. Olivia, Caleb, and even that dirty redhead bitch Leah will be running through your mind constantly.

And now for the giveaway! I want everyone to experience the emotional terrorism that Tarryn Fisher inflicts, so I'm giving away the entire series!

If you have read TO and/or DR I will gift the book[s] you need to you and you can pick a friend to receive the book[s] you already read!

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