Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[Top Ten Tues] #19

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.

This Weeks Top Ten
[Top Ten Books I Wish Could Have Had Sequels]

The Sweet Gum Tree  The Host (The Host, #1)  Every Day
Left Drowning  The Sea of Tranquility

The Sweet Gum Tree

If you haven't read this you need to. And after you do you will understand why I would love to have another book.

The Host

I love this book so much[yes, more than Twilight], and I loved the ending, but I feel like it definitely could use another book.

Every Day

I'm not even entirely sure there won't be a second book, but as far as I know this is a standalone. I want a second book so bad!

Left Drowning

I couldn't have loved the ending of this book more, but I still want more more more!

The Sea of Tranquility

Who doesn't want more Josh fucking Bennett & Sunshine? I do. I do!
-Vixen K

Breeze of Life  The Mist on Bronte Moor  To Stand Beside Her
A Taylor-Made Life  The Infinite Moment of Us

Breeze of Life
-Why wouldn't I want more Harper and Bree!? I already miss this dynamic duo.

The Mist on Bronte Moor
-I'd love to see a more of this story, if not a spin off of the Bronte Sister.

To Stand Beside Her
-I'm  being selfish, I just want more. I want to know what happens in the after. 

A Taylor-Made life
-This story ripped my heart out in a good way. I'd love a follow up, to my heart break.

The Infinite Moment of Us
- Charlie freaking Parker. This may not have been one of my favorite reads, but... 
I could DEFINITELY use some more Charlie. 

-Vixen B


  1. Beth I started reading The Sea of Tranquility for a Read-along but ended up stopping half way because I got side-tracked with books that were due for reviews and I was loving it! I already know it'd be a fantastic book and I'm only 5 chapters into the book LOL

    I thought that there was a sequel to The Host, I could be wrong though.

    My TTT

  2. I thought The Host was going to be part of a series as well. I tried to read it, but it was a little to sci-fi for me. I really want to see the movie though. The trailer looked fantastic.

    Every Day has been on my TBR list for a while.

    Here is my TTT: http://jacquesbooknook.blogspot.com/2013/08/top-ten-tuesday-books-i-wish-could-have.html

  3. I'd love a little bit more from The Sea of Tranquility! Even a companion for Drew with bits and pieces of our Josh Bennett and Nastya. I'm seeing The Host on a lot of lists today. I haven't read it but it's been forever since the first, even though she claims a sequel is coming, right? Great list!

    My TTT

  4. Oh, thanks for sharing these. I agree about The Host--could've had a sequel and still been interesting.

  5. Great list! I read The Host ages ago and don't remember it that well, but I wouldn't mind a sequel. And I'd love to read more about all the characters in Sea of Tranquility! Such an amazing book!

    My TTT

  6. Ahh Beth- you make me smile on a such a tired Tuesday for me.... if I wrote a second, then Anatolio would have to be the love interest, and I don't know if I am ready for him to grow up ;)

  7. Interesting list! I haven't read any of these, but I've certainly heard good things about several of them.


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