Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[Review] Cole - J.B. Hartnett

Cole by J.B. Hartnett

“Don’t waste another second, life is short. I wasted so much time with the woman who holds my heart like it was the rarest gem wrapped in the purest gold. I didn’t appreciate it and I almost lost it. That love is a gift so few get to experience, let alone keep it.”

“You saved me, Cole. It started that day in the bar and ended with a ring and a promise of your fucked-up and my fucked-up”

”I was nothing before you, not even half a man, you made me whole again, Anika. I will spend the rest of my life making sure I never make you regret it.”  

When you finish reading Inky (book 1) you’re left with quite a cliff hanger. Cole was the sequel I needed to Inky. Not only did this novel pick up exactly where Inky left off.  J.B. Hartnett is just simply amazing. I was stunned and completely enthralled with this novel. The characters came into depth so much more, and the story unfolded and delivered secrets, determination, laughter, lust, love, devotion, happiness and tears. J.B. Hartnett absolutely takes your breath away with her words, from the first page all the way to the last. With each page turn your sense of wonder and bewilderment soar with the happenings that reveal throughout the novel.

I absolutely devoured this story. From the second I started the first page I didn’t want to put it down. Obviously real life gets in the way (damn it) and I had to put it down, unwillingly. This story is one of great artistry. The deep dark pasts of each character, the broken dreams, and the mental abuse along with the physical, J.B. delivers a story of will power, and the strength of love. I have to say that this series is definitely not one for the faint of heart. However, the beauty that lies within this book is simply phenomenal. 

In the first book I was in love with Cole. Now? I’m even more in love!  The unwavering devotion that just pours off this man is absolutely astonishing. While battling his own personal demons, his sole priority is to save his one true love, and best friend… his soon to be forever, Anika. The support characters of Gus and Aimes were just as flawless in this, as they were in Inky. The support that they gave to Cole and Inky while they went through their trials and tribulations was spectacular, and I would hope that my friends would do the same for me. Book 2 sheds emphasis on love conquering with new beginnings, and the importance of friendship and the power of family.  

Writing a review of this sequel without spoilers is so incredibly hard, because I want to tell you everything! Everything that happened in book 1, and in this novel as well. What I CAN tell you… is that Cole is sexier than ever, with new improvements and Inky is by far the most beautiful, poised, and strong woman I could ever aspire to be. The horrible things she’s had to go through, and the evil that she has conquered.  The Leaves series is such a simply awe-inspiring story, along with stunning characters that you’ll never forget.  
J.B. Thank you so much for this story. I eagerly anticipate any of your next stories, as I have fallen in love with your writing style and your in depth characters. I have a new author that I’ve added to my ‘one-click don’t think twice’ author list. The list where I don’t even need to read the synopsis, I can just buy it and know I’ll love it. 

Inky (The Leaves, #1)
INKY (Leaves #1):  

Cole (The Leaves, #2)
COLE (Leaves #2)

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