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[Review] All In - Raine Miller

All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2)

As I’m sure you guessed, I had just finished Naked by Raine Miller. THANK THE LORD! When I finished that novel I immediately delved right into All In. I couldn’t wait any longer than I had to for my next Ethan Blackstone fix! Naked most definitely leaves you with a cliff hanger. It wasn’t so bad that I was pining until I could read All In, but it was a definite “Oh shit” cliff hanger. Truth be told, I hate waiting on the next book in a series. I feel like I have to re-read the first book because by the time the next one comes out… you’ve completely forgotten. Not to mention you’ve read at least 50 books in between the last book and the next! Don’t get me wrong, I love me a series more than a standalone… most of the time. Anyways – back to All In. 

"Never is a very long time. I might be able to give her a day or two, but never was irrefutably out of the question."

In Naked, you see some of Ethan’s narcissistic tendencies. In All In, you get to see even more of that. At times I almost got irritated with his character, and wanted to slap him for being so damn egotistical and possessive! But alas, I love my alpha males. I really do… but only if there is a sassy, feisty broad to take him down a notch upon occasions. Ding Ding, we have a winner and her name is Brynne. (As if you didn’t know already!) The relationship between the two of them flourishes, and meets an even deeper level of amazing. 

“I have no intentions of letting you go.” I swallowed hard. “If you come with me you’re signing on for all of me, Brynne. I don’t know any other way to be with you. It’s all in for me. And I want it to be all in for you too.” 

All In picks up exactly where Naked left off. Overbearing Ethan realizes the mistake he made and wants nothing more than to make up for it. I don’t want to be spoilery, cause there is nothing I HATE more than spoilers. So I won’t tell you the mistake made, or the reason Naked left on a cliff hanger. What I will say is… I’m SO happy that this novel started when it did. I love the fact that you get to see a different side of Ethan in this book, albeit not so great at times. The dedication that this man shows to not giving up on what he believes to be his, is unfathomable. I give him credit for that. Determination, dedication, and sheer stubbornness, completely make Ethan evolve in this installment of The Blackstone Affair. 

“I felt like Ethan wanted to consume me at times. He overwhelmed me from the first and was definitely a demanding lover, but one thing was certain, I wanted everything he’d ever given me.”

The tormented pasts of Brynne and Ethan are further addressed in All In. You get a small glance in Naked, but you definitely get to see why each of them is the way that they are. When I read about Brynne’s past, I wanted to cry. In fact… I may have actually cried. The unjust that this poor girl went through. You also get a peek into the inner psyche of Ethan. I can’t even imagine what he went through. While I was reading his horrific events of what happened in his past, I cringed. I didn’t even want to read it because it was so awful. By awful I mean what happened to him, not the writing! The fact that they are both struggling with their pasts, present, and future makes for a truly excellent read.

Holy Smokes. So I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for some dirty talk. Ethan, your mouth is just… well lets just say, a girl needs to get a smoke after reading what Ethan says! The sexual situations in this book are far more intense than in Naked. Ohhh yeah, sexy time with Ethan Blackstone (YES, Please). I thought the chemistry between the two was incredible in the first book. Psssh. All In blows that out of the water! Did I mention yet that I can’t wait for Eyes Wide Open? Well, I don’t exactly have to wait… since I already have it. 

This book leaves you a shit ton more questions, but definitely answers the questions left behind from Naked. I'm ecstatic to find out what awaits Brynne and Ethan in the future. I just know that soething is going to happen because the ending in All In. Again, this was another shorter novel. All in all, I would definitely read this if you’ve read Naked. It’s definitely a great follow up to the first installment in the series. I can’t wait until I start reading Eyes Wide Open. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Is Raine going to throw in another twist? Oh god! I can’t. I must go start reading this, right meow… and I suggest you do the same! This is not a series to be missed!

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