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[Review] Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open - Raine Miller

The Blackstone Affair (Book 3)
Eyes Wide Open (The Blackstone Affair, #3)
“Make me real. Only you can do that, baby. Only you…” 

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait for this book to come out. As you know I had put off this series long enough. However I read the entire series just in time for the 4th installment, which is a standalone about Neil and Elaina. Except…. Now I have to wait for this one to come out! Anyways, I was once again pleased with the third installment in The Blackstone Affair. I’m not gonna lie, the one thing I definitely didn’t like about this book was the cover. I know, small and petty… but I really didn’t like it. The photo of the woman on the cover was in no way the way I pictured Brynne. 

"Are you real?" He whispered, brushing up my face with the back of his fingers in a cherishing caress. "Because I'll want you forever."

Eyes Wide Open starts off exactly where we left off in All In. Now I’m not going to tell you what happens in this book, because that’s unfair to you – especially if you haven’t read the other 2 first! All In left on somewhat of a cliffhanger. As the cliffhanger gets settled out, certain things start happening again. I was definitely in awe of the way this novel ended. There was a twist around every corner, of which will have you thinking… Is it? No… Maybe it’s? OMG! It’s… and then it happens again. I also was shocked and devastated throughout the book. 

“The one who had the power to take me apart was also the only one with the power to put me back together again.” 

Naked was from Brynne’s point of view, and All In was from Ethan’s POV. I was thrilled with the fact that I got to see a dual POV in this installment! I’m such a sucker for a dual POV, especially when it comes to alpha males and sassy females. I really admire the fact that the characters stayed so true to themselves and each other. Of course, the tortured souls, past demons and secrets kept me drawn in until the very end. Book hangover for sure! In fact, I’m still nursing it. 

I’m pretty sure that I can’t get enough of Ethan Blackstone. (Along with the other millions of Raine Miller fans out there!) He’s still this alpha male with a need to possess and care for Brynne. At some points it’s almost frustrating because he’s so up her arse she can’t even speak for herself. But Alas, Brynne gets right back at him with her sassy snide comments and evil dagger gazes. Let’s face it, feisty, fiery, sassy and independent… I aspire to be all of those things on a daily basis. 

Oh. My. God. You get to meet the most adorable little girl in this novel, Ethan’s niece. The way that Ethan interacts with her is just beyond cute. Not to mention that she takes to Brynne with such ease, that only a small child really does. They either like you – or they don’t. Kids are blunt, too. Unlike most adults… they’ll tell you exactly how it is. No filter. I really liked the strong family ties that were in these novels, and the fact that they were so truthful and realistic. 

There are still some unanswered questions left, even though there is a HEA. I’m hoping that Cherry Girl will give some insight as to what happens with the two of them, while we get to meet Neil and Elaina, which I’m so excited for because I adored them. Definitely worth the wait. 

I’m SO kicking myself for not grabbing copies to get signed by Raine when I met her in Boston! I won’t pass that opportunity up again! Kait and I got to talk to her throughout the day as we volunteered and were stationed right near her. What a lovely lady… I truly hope to see her again! 

Ok, So I may be a little on the slow side... haha. I found out that Rare and Precious Things is going to be the 4th book in the series and Cherry girl is just a spin off! Duhhh! Well, I'm extremely ecstatic about BOTH of these new releases!!!!

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