Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[Review] Rare and Precious Things

Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller

Holding onto her in order to hold me up. The concept just made sense for me. I couldn’t explain it to anyone else, but then, I didn’t need to. It was something for only me to know.”

I can’t even comprehend my feelings at this moment. I’ve tried for a day or two since I finished this. I’m heartbroken that this story is over, but I’m always thrilled about the series finishing the way it did. Don’t get me wrong – If Raine decides there is more to Ethan and Brynne’s story I am ALL for it! This series made me laugh, cry, love, hate, get angry, and just made me feel. Ethan and Brynne are so definitive for each other. There is nothing and no one else.  The complete and utter devotion to one another is just above and beyond. One day I can only hope to find a love as passionate as theirs. 

“You’re my goddess. Right here, right now …like this”

Now I hate spoilers. Loathe them, so I obviously won’t write a review with a spoiler in it. That being said… this review isn’t easy to think about – since I want to tell you everything that happened in the past 4 books. (Don’t worry – I won’t) I will tell you that I was entranced at the deep levels of which Raine went with Ethan’s character. You definitely get to see a more in depth look at Ethan in this. I thoroughly enjoyed how Ethan and Brynne worked through their personal demons and focus more on the future of their lives than the past.  

“You made me want to live, at a time when I knew I’d never really though about, or cared much about, what the future held.”

Personally I think that this book is a conclusion for so many different parts of their lives, separate and together. Brynne has to face her past just as much as Ethan does. The love between the two of them just shows you that a bond like that can’t just be broken. Limits are definitely pushed in this novel, and you see a different side of each of them. 

“Every day since the first day, you have made my life worth living. You make me wake up every single day knowing that I am a blessed man. With you, I am real.”

There was one moment in the book where I was so heartbroken that I felt like I couldn’t continue. Needless to say… I was quite upset. I had to put the book down and take a breather before I got back to it, because Raine gets you so emotionally involved these fascinating characters.  If you haven’t read a Raine Miller Romance book yet, you’re missing out. I couldn’t believe it took me so long to read one of her works, and I’m so glad I finally did. Raine brought me back into the reading world when I was in a bad place. She helped me escape my reality for a fictional reality of epic love and wonder. For that alone – I will be a fan for life. Thank you Raine, and I can’t wait for your next works. 

 “You are the only one. The only person ever able to really see me. I want to spend every day of the rest of my life loving you. That’s all I want, all I need.”

*I may add more to this review later, if I feel I've lefr something out.*

Don't forget - this is the 4th installment of the series. Please read the previous books in this order.
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