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[Review] Wrecked & Yours

Wrecked and Yours

 What could drive best friends apart? 
Once Miranda, her little sister Cassie and Jason were inseparable—homeless teens standing together against the rest of the world.

But those days are long gone.

Unable to deal with the ghosts of her past any longer, MirandaTemple abandons her life and everyone she knew, determined to carve a new identity.
She thought nothing could make her go back, but when her beloved younger sister Cassie is in a car accident, she discovers she was wrong.

As Cassie fights for her life, Miranda has to try to pick up the pieces of the destruction she left. And face the inner turmoil she’d always tried to deny before it permanently destroys any chance for happiness.

Jason swears his friendship with her is ruined. But as Miranda and Jason worry about Cassie, they start to rediscover each other and learn how to forgive. But with so many scars separating them, can they learn to trust each other again?

CeeCee James is a new author to me, and I’m so so glad that I’ve discovered her. The writing in this novel is beautiful and brushes on so many subjects. The imagery was simply astonishing and makes you feel as if you’re there with the characters. I haven’t been reading for quite a while, as I’ve been going through some rough times. With the end of an 8 year relationship, moving halfway across the country, and leaving everything that I’ve known I have been an emotional basket case. Whether it was hiding my emotions from myself or other people, to outright bawling my eyes out because I had a bad day.

THIS novel is the reason I read books.  I feel like this novel brought me back to life.  The messages of strength and resilience throughout this book made me realize that I WILL survive, just like the characters in this book. I know it’s a really far-fetched correlation between my situation and Jason, Miranda, and Cassie– but the struggle is real no matter what your issues are.  The pure will to survive on the journey that these characters take is simply magnificent.

If you don’t know my reviews, I don’t like to tell you about the story; that’s what a synopsis is for.  My feeling towards this book is what you should want to know. Well, let me tell you… this is an amazing read. I laughed (the witty banter is unreal), cried, smiled, and genuinely cared what happened to the outcome of each character. My mind is still reeling over everything. From Jason’s crooked grins to Miranda’s anxiety attacks I felt pure joy and sadness. The level of unbridled forgiveness in this novel is astonishing.

I devoured Wrecked & Yours in one sitting, and sat there after the end just waiting for the next installment to magically pop into my kindle and say READ ME! Well, as much as I stared… it didn’t happen. Seriously, CeeCee James you’re outstanding. You’ve most definitely got a new follower in me. I eagerly anticipate the next installment of Miranda, Jason, and Cassie’s journey, along with your other novels that are now on my absolutely must read list!

 Recommendations for this book will be flying out of my mouth, because I think that EVERYONE should read this.  So get to it. 


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