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[Blog Tour] Every Love

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Title:  Every Love 
Author: LK Collins 
Book Tour: September 14 - 25 
Genre: Erotic Suspense 
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Post – Living in the after, the events that took place over a year ago are etched in my brain. Haunting me in the worst ways imaginable.

Traumatic – Physical and psychological scars have me so wounded that I can’t get through a day without my mind swirling with constant fucked up images.

Stress – Anxiety. Panic. Rage. I’m not myself and the pain I fight through each day has made me make some really bad decisions.

Disorder – Out of control. Not fucking normal. Nowhere even close.

I say fuck Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The life I left behind is gone and everything I’d hoped to return to has been stolen away, all while I was being beaten, starved, and tortured. But being Nate Wilcox, I pick my ass up, ‘cause I’m a fucking survivor. Even if my methods are totally fucked up, it’s all I can do to keep the pain at bay.


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Chapter 1

Oh fuck! The bathroom is covered in blood. It’s smeared down the wall and pooled around my mom’s head, where she’s lifelessly lying flat on her face. Fear freezes me. What in the world happened? The shower curtain is ripped down, her bloody hand print is smeared along the side of the tub where she struggled to get herself up.
            “Ma,” I yell, finally willing myself to move to her side. I touch her back to wake her and suddenly I’m back in Afghanistan. I push away the images assaulting me that I have worked so hard to suppress. But still, before my eyes is a wounded soldier, shot, bloody, and hanging on to life. God dammit, stop! This is my mom, not that place. I’m scared to move her and know better than to even try. My worst fear in this world is something happening to her. Moving my trembling hands to shake her a little more, I’m about to lose it. I don’t want to hurt her, but I also want to wake her any way possible. My heart is thudding against the walls of my chest as I grab her wrist to see if she has a pulse. I sit in silence, fighting to hear her heart. How did this happen? Did someone hurt her? Where is all this blood coming from? My mind races, all the while I’m listening. I’m not sure if what I feel is her heart or mine, but I go with my gut and hop up the best that I can, my prosthetic making it hard to move around.
             Quickly I swipe the phone off of her nightstand and grab a towel as I drop back to my knees, dialing 911. Tears stream down my face looking at her this way. The blood is coming from a gash on her head, and I try to click into numb soldier mode as I press the towel onto the wound to stem the bleeding. Someone had to have done this to her. There’s simply too much blood for her to have slipped and fallen on her own. I feel the panic overtaking me, worming through the numbness.
            “911, what’s your emergency?”
            “It’s—” I choke, staring at her weak body.
            “Hello? Sir, what’s your emergency?”
            “My…My mom…I…I don’t know what….” My voice is shaky and I’m struggling through each word. “She’s…she’s unconscious and—”
            “Is she breathing, sir?”
            Fuck, there’s a lot of blood. My mind flashes back to the battlefield, my chest tightens, I’m frozen.
“Sir, I need to know if she’s breathing?”
            “I’m routing an ambulance to you. Are you at 211 Riverdale?”
            “Uh huh.”
            “Sir, now please tell me, is your mom breathing?”
            “She’s facedown, so… I don’t know.”
            “Is her airway clear?”
            Leaning over her, I look at my mom’s face and gently brush her hair out of the way. I can see that nothing is blocking her mouth or nose. Her eyes are closed and her poor glasses are smashed to hell, barely over her eyes.
            “There’s…” Fuck!
            “Sir? Her airway?”
            “It’s clear.”
            “Good, does she have a pulse?”
            “I think so.”
            I hear the dispatcher in the background speak to someone, then she comes back on the line. “The ambulance should be there in less than a minute, just leave her ‘til the medics arrive. Are you okay to get off the phone and open your front door?”
            “Yeah,” I say and hang up.
            I take a deep breath and try to push the panic down, unlocking the door in a haze. I need to get my shit together. Running back to my mom, I rest my head softly against hers, I cry and just pray that she’ll be okay. She has to be. I’ve already lost one woman in my life, so I sure as hell can’t lose another. Lying this close to her, I can feel her breathing.
            Thank God. Pulling the towel away, I check and see that her head is no longer bleeding. That’s good. But again my damn mind gets the best of me and morbid thoughts take over. I envision her in a casket, my dad and I crushed with grief standing over her, and the pain of it is as real as if I was standing right there, right now.
            All of a sudden the room is flooded with EMTs. “Sir, I need you to get up,” one of them says, his voice so faint as I struggle to come out of the grief brought on by my vision. Where did it even come from? He gently helps me up as I’m still having a hard time processing things.
            “What happened?” one of them asks me as the others begin to work on her.
            I replay the story the best that I can, fighting to stay calm and in the moment. Then out of the blue – a flashback to the day Arion collapsed in the hallway outside of her condo, when I showed up like an asshole and scared the shit out of her. She had no idea that I was alive, and the pure shock alone caused her to faint.
            Watching my mom just as helpless makes my world spin. Everything inside of me aches as my vision bounces between her, Arion, and war. 

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***I haven't finished Every Love yet, and I haven't yet reviewed Every Heart, so here is my review of Every Heart. The review of Every Love will be up as soon as I'm finished reading! Unfortunately, life has got in the way of my reading time. :( ***

First of all, I love LK Collins. Since her debut novel Fatalism, I’ve been completely immersed in her words.  The characters just amaze me and always leave me wanting more. The stories she weaves will give you an absolute tailspin in love, misery, happiness, and triumph.  Not only is LK an excellent writer, but she interacts with her readers on a personal level. What more could you possibly ask for in an author!? 

Every Heart killed me. I was so torn between Bain and Nate that I couldn’t decide what I wanted Arion to do. I wanted her to be with each of them in their perspective ways.  The raw emotions come from the characters is simply flawless on every level. I don’t know how many times I cried while reading this, or wanted to throw something in anger over the absurd choices that had to be made, but I couldn’t love this story more. 

After the cliff hanger in Every Soul, you just don’t know what will happen. This was the perfect follow up. Not only do you get to meet Nate, but you get to see a new side of Bain that you thought you’d never see.  There is this way that LK evokes you as the reader to be involved with this story is simply astonishing. If there was a scale from One to Even, I can’t. Honestly, I mean I can’t even create a coherent sentence I’m so tore up over this book. 

In the end, a decision has to be made, but how does one make that choice? I don’t think I’d ever want to be in the situation that Arion has herself in. Past and Current loves… it’s just unimaginable!  The heart-wrenching pain that each of these characters go through in this novel is insufferable.  This novel will leave you cradling your knees while crying asking why?!, several times while reading it. I simply can’t say enough about this novel, you really just need to read this series, right now.  LK will leave you speechless  on so many occasions, I promise you. I’m always rendered speechless at the end of her novels, and find it so hard to write a review because honestly nothing I say will ever be good enough to compare to the level of love I have for this woman’s words.


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Bestselling author, LK Collins, writes emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. She’s a lover of the oxford comma and everything in the writing world. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns, she always keeps her readers enthralled 'til the end. When LK’s not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, “The Prezident,” are sure to be plotting out her next tale.

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