Friday, May 24, 2013

[Review] Three of Hearts

Three of Hearts - W. Ferraro
Three of Hearts by W. Ferraro

Three of Hearts is the first book in the Hamden series by W. Ferraro.  I went into this book not knowing what to expect. I knew it was romance, but I didn’t know what else. I would have to say this is the first real romance book that I’ve read. I kept waiting for something horrible to happen, and some crazy plot twist to come, but it didn’t. I mean there were a few parts that were pretty emotional. With that being said, this is definitely a light hearted read that is absolutely perfect for a summer read, while having a day on the beach!

The main characters are very well written and simple yet complex. Mae, is just looking for a place to call home when she meets Seth. She ends up renting his apartment, which happens to be attached to the house. Needless to say, They start noticing a rather abundant attraction to each other. W. Ferraro did an amazing job with the imagery and the characters. I loved the fact that Mae was a bigger girl. CHEERS to that. How about that as a breath of fresh air. I also loved how the main male character Seth, was a GINGER. I LOVE me a ginger man. Truth be told, I may just have a thing for a man with some red hair… and a little bit of a scruff.

I loved Seth throughout this book, except for at one point. I was like You stupid son of a bitch! How dare you!! Man I was so upset. At first I was like, oh hello man of my dreams. Then I was like Oh damn… but after that, I was all Heyyy again. When the (lets call it an incident) happened, I had to know what was gonna happen next. Was he? Was she!? WHAT!? Yeah. One of those moments where if you don’t finish the book and find out what happened, you’ll be questioning EVERYTHING until you finish it. In effect, driving yourself nuts.

W. Ferarro definitely had a great  first book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I would recommend this when you need something emotional, but not over the top. The romance part was pretty steamy and at times, I really wish I was Mae. I can’t wait to read the next novel in the Hamden series.  I have Three of Spades ready and waiting for me. (Which, I will gladly delve into tonight!) Congratulations on your first book Ms. Ferarro, you’ve got a winner with this one!

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  1. I haven't heard of this book which is not strange as I don't read romance novels. My mom is a huge fan of them though. I'm glad that you've enjoyed this one :) Great review Beth :)


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