Thursday, May 9, 2013

Send The Reading Vixens to BEA!

To my beautiful Vixens and handsome Renards:

As you may know, The Reading Vixens got accepted to BEA [Book Expo America] this year. [YAY!] Unfortunately both of us can't attend. I'm not a fan of asking for help, but a few friends [authors and bloggers] told me to try a PayPal Campaign. So, here it is... {I'm sorry for asking!} As Vixen 2, I'd really LOVE to be able to go to BEA, living so close. I feel like this opportunity would be SO AMAZING for us. I'm upset that Kait can't come, but it would make us extremely happy if at least one of us could go!! 

If we can get $200.00, (in addition to what we already have) for the hotel room and travel, we could be at BEA! I know, $200.00 is a lot. I'm not asking for just 1 person to donate it all. If everyone could donate even 5 dollars if you have it, it would be SO greatly appreciated.[EVERY dollar counts!] Not to mention all the AMAZING giveaways that we will be able to do after BEA! I hope you can help, but if you can't I completely understand. 

Yours truly,

Shirt Design A  <-- Official BEA shirt! Cool RIGHT!?

***Donations can be made in any amount!*** 
YOU choose what you'd feel comfortable donating!
You can also click the donate button on the right hand side ;)

PLEASE NOTE: All donations WILL be REFUNDED if I do not attend BEA!



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