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[Review] Becoming a Legend - B. Kristin McMichael

Becoming A Legend -  B. Kristin McMichael
Becoming a Legend

I love B. so damn hard! For so many reasons, and not just because we’re both B’s.  Her writing is out of this world fantastic. I fell in love when I read her first novel To Stand Beside Her. I was enthralled with the confidence and the courage that B. Kristin showed in her debut novel. Ever since, I’m proud to say that B. Kristin McMichael is one of my top FIVE favorite authors of all time. ( I have yet to put them in order, but she’s definitely up there!) I probably have about 10 authors that I would read without questions or doubts. To make it on this list you have to not only be an extraordinary writer but generally kind, loving and personable. B. Kristin has been SO nice to me and I just love her that much more because of it. To be honest, Yes… I would totally fan girl all over her for a moment, but after that – I’m sure I’d treat her as if she was my family. THAT is what I love about authors, and especially B. Kristin. 

Ok – I’m done gushing now. Well, no… I’m not. Becoming a Legend was the second book in the Blue Eyes trilogy. I ADORED the first book, and I was extremely ecstatic when I got an email from B. saying that she released the second book. Obviously I finished what I was reading and jumped right into this novel. I was enthralled to find out how well the first and second novels transitioned. Sometimes when you get to the second book, after waiting a while you need a refresher.  Not only did B. Kristin give you a refresher about what happened in the last book but she intertwined and mingled it in with the start of this so flawlessly. 

Once again, the characters were perfect and even though they were of paranormal essence, they are super easy to relate to. Yet again, I was drawn in, from page one and was glued until the last. It’s impossible to read this without being emotionally invested. The feels that you get are just simply magical. I really felt like Arianna grew up a lot in this installment. Not only is she forced to deal with an incredible amount of “clan” issues and politics, but she has to deal with her conflicting emotions about her keepers. I still can’t get over the image in my head of her bond with her keepers. There are a few mentions of essences being pulled together, and all I could picture in my head was the most beautiful scene of smoke like light strands interlacing together to become one indestructible connection between the two. 

Becoming a Legend is the perfect sequel. I have absolutely no complaints, except I didn’t want it to end. When I hit the last page I was like wait WHAT!?  Where’s the rest! OH GOD what HAPPENS!? I wanted to cry. But then I turned the page and got a sneak peek at the third novel (SCORE!!!) Except I’m still wanting more. I have a serious book hangover. I read another book after this, and I’m STILL thinking about the characters, and the night world that B. Kristin made and I envisioned and  I love the world created. The night humans are extraordinary. 

This story is so original and beautiful. Definitely not your average vampire read. Thank the lord! Anytime I think about giving up reading paranormal cause I’m just so sick of the mainstream, I just think about this series and how it’s affected me. Because of B. Kristin, I will not give up on the paranormal romances, worlds, or characters. I know I’ve said it before, but B. Kristin is simply amazing. I love her work so freaking hard.  This book gives you everything you’d want and more in a sequel. I’m excited to see how the conclusion to this series will be, but I’m also sad to see it end.  I highly anticipate ANYTHING that B. Kristin comes out with next.  I, for sure, am a devoted fan forever. This is a must read series. Buy it, and buy it RIGHT MEOW!! You WILL love it. 
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