Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thief by Tarryn Fisher Blurb Reveal!

If you've read The Opportunist and Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher then you must be anxiously awaiting the release of Thief. In true Tarryn fashion we don't have a release date, but we finally have a blurb! And you know what that means! We are one step closer to FINALLY getting our ending!

I read The Opportunist a few months ago and it did a job on me. I immediately read Dirty Red after and decided that I love/hate Tarryn. She makes me so crazy! But I love it. Trust me, it's amazing.

So without further fangirling, here is the blurb! [Oh, and that SEXY cover!]


I'm still not done talking, but I figured huge bold letters might be the best way to get you to stop staring. Are you done yet? [Yea, me neither...]

"I'll fight for her." *dies*

Caleb is going to fight for Olivia. I can't deal with this. I am hoping for a HEA, but I'm not sure if Tarryn will do this because... she's Tarryn and she loves torturing us.

What do you think will happen? What do you WANT to happen? Are you for or against a HEA?

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  1. I've just bought my copy! I can't wait to read it. I mean I can't remember the last time I wanted the book so badly. I hope you'll enjoy it too!

    PS. Check out the giveaway for Nomad :)


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