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[Review & Giveaway] Winning the Legend – B. Kristin McMichael

Winning the Legend

You know when you have that author you can’t stop gushing about? B. Kristin is one of those authors for me. I absolutely adore her and her words.  She had originally won me over with her standalone debut novel To Stand Beside Her.  For a while, I gave up on Vampires, Werewolves and the whole lot. Until B. Kristin told me she was coming out with Legend of The Blue Eyes.  I’ll admit, I was a little shy, but I had complete faith in B. Kristin, and her writing. I absolutely DEVOURED the book and was ready for book 2, (Becoming the Legend) before it was released. Then I read book 2, and well let’s just say… it did NOT disappoint. Sometimes sequels can be fillers, and kinda drawn out, but this was definitely not the case. A little while ago,  I got an email from B. Kristin telling me that the 3rd book was available, and that I could get it.

What did I do?! I legitimately stopped everything I was doing to download this book and read it. I was actually taking a break from reading another book, to get some socialization in, lol. I still haven’t finished that book yet… Oops! Sorry, but when it comes to certain authors, I do play favorites. Don’t judge me… cause y’all know you do it too!! Once again, while reading Winning the Legend, I devoured it. Being the last book in the trilogy, I was overwhelmingly sad to see the end of such a beautiful story.  Immediately I was immersed back into the Night World with Arianna and the rest of the crew.  It’s funny, I didn’t think I could actually miss a character, but I did.

As I don’t want to spoil any one of the books for anyone, I won’t talk about the storyline.  Yes, this makes it incredibly hard for me to write the review.  I WANT to tell you everything, believe me.  I get so excited and so animated when I talk about books I love, and I LOVE this trilogy. Everything was just perfection.  Laced with angst, laugh out loud moments, witty banter, heart stopping anxiety, shooting eye daggers, and heartfelt tears – Winning the Legend gives you the ultimate feels.   

I couldn’t imagine the novel ending any better than it did, either.  There’s always so many different was that an author can go with an ending.  I left this novel completely satisfied, and that’s what I look for in a series. The Blue Eyes trilogy really leaves no stone unturned. Every question is answered, and you just come full circle, with B. Kristin’s writing.  I can’t get over what a beautiful story this was, and I truly hope that everyone whether they like vampires and the lot or not – Read this. This reads with enough sophistication, that it doesn’t quite feel like a YA novel, but has the relate ability to the young adult crowd. I honestly recommend this to EVERYONE. B. Kristin is truly one of a kind. The world she came up with and put into a story is just beyond my comprehension of imagination. I’m in complete awe of this series and I can NOT wait for her next works.  Spectacular series, that puts other Vampire / Night Human novels to shame. 

B. Kristin, I can’t thank you enough. Not just for your translation of words, but your kindness and genuine devotion to your stories.  Please don’t ever stop writing, you’ll always have a fan here! NY Times Bestsellers list Here we come! (and by that I totally mean YOU!) 

Entire Series Rating: 5+
The Legend of the Blue Eyes (Blue Eyes Trilogy, #1)  Becoming a Legend (Blue Eyes Trilogy, #2)  Winning the Legend
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