Monday, October 28, 2013

[Review] Very Bad Things

Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy, #1)

“Bad decisions can make some good damn memories”

“Even after all that has happened to me, I’ve never give up wishing on stars”

“Fuck you perfectionism. Without you, I am brilliant.”

I wanted to read this book so hard core. I absolutely loved the synopsis, and I was in desperate need of a standalone novel. Very Bad Things did not disappoint me. Obviously, there were major contributions to me wanting to read it. With tragedy, sexual tension, angst, tattoos, humor, and love, I immediately had to get my hands on it. Not to mention the cover is absolutely gorgeous.  This story is definitely one about fighting for what you believe in and being passionate in everything you do.

The main character Nora, is the definition of a perfect child. Never doing anything wrong, and just.. well perfect. Until she finally reaches the limit of being so fed up. Determined to be the best at being the worst now, Nora starts out with a bang. Instead of giving her drawn out speech at her school function, she decides instead to tell everyone to Fuck Off. When I read that all I could do was smile because how awesome is that?! I mean really. I was amused on so many levels due to this. 

While all the students families are there, everyone hears her… including Leo Tate. From the moment Leo lays eyes on Nora he has an instant attraction, but knowing the age difference refuses to do anything about it. Leo is the definition of sexy. Strong, tattooed, yeah, I lost my train of thought… but of course, he’s a playboy. 

Then there is Sebastion. Oh how I love that name. I think that to have the name Sebastion you have to be a certain kind of person or character. This character fit his name to the tee. While completely adorable, he had the protectiveness and the foresight to see the reality of situations. I absolutely adored his character, and Ilsa – if you read this… A book about Sebastion would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Even though he wasn’t the main character – he was definitely my favorite.  He was an amazing support character along with Nora’s best friend. 

Once Nora convinces herself that Leo and her were soul mates, there was no going back for her. Even after she pulled some stupid shit and ended up on his bad side. Her determination was unrelenting and the fact that Leo couldn’t get over the age difference between them was a tad annoying at times. I’m a firm believer in if it’s meant to be, then just let it happen. You don’t choose who you love. You just love. The heart should never be distrusted, as well as the brain needs to be listened to.  Seeing the characters go back and forth was hard at times because you didn’t know who to side with. Was Nora really being immature or was Leo just being ridiculous? At times I think it was a mixture of both. 

I will say that I COULD have devoured this book in one sitting, but I didn’t. The story definitely has its ups and downs, and really makes you need to know what happens between the two lovers. Will it? Won’t it? Gahh! I need to know! I really didn’t like how the publisher put it quite a large amount of previews for other books at the end, either. I thought I had about 15% left of the book to find out what was going to happen, but I didn’t. Very deceiving and I don’t appreciate that! *evil dagger stare* This also makes me feel bad for the author, because I’m sure other readers weren’t happy about this either.  But, I really do recommend that you go out and read this right meow! This book definitely delivers, and is well worth it. I’m totally a new fan of Ilsa Madden Miles now. I anxiously await her next novel, and I hope it’s about Sebastion!! Hehe.

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