Monday, January 27, 2014

[Review] There Is No Light In Darkness

There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1)

“You're the only one that fucking matters...only you...always.”

There is No Light In Darkness was such an amazing read. I completely devoured this read in one sitting. From start to finish it’s a page turner of suspense, twists and turns, and a complete mystery you just didn’t see coming. The characters are relatable and easy to fall in love with. I have to say that this is probably one of the best DEBUT novels I’ve ever read. I’m upset with myself for taking so long to finally read it, but I’m glad I finally gave it a chance. Claire Contreras  leaves you wanting more, and giving you the ultimate feels. 

“I am scared of the unknown. I am scared to be alone. I am scared to not be alone. I am scared to have people love me, and I am scared to have nobody loves me. I live my life constant state of fear and need for control.”

The main characters have such a unique and tortured past. I instantly fell in love with Blake, and the rest of the group. The story was seriously intense and everything about it was beautiful, yet damaged. The ideation of family and friendship in this novel was truly amazing and remarkable. The romantic side of the novel was even better.  Between all of the characters, is a deep seeded love for one another. They all grew up together, and now that they’re adults, are still the friends they were when they were kids. The bonds between them all are extremely strong and definitely unbreakable.

Swoon time. I am absolutely in adoration of Cole. He’s funny, sexy, smart, protective, irrational at times, caring, and oh so passionate. I almost want to put him in an Alpha male catergory, but he doesn’t quite fit the profile, although he has some of the qualities.  The relationship that builds between Cole and Blake is utterly amazing. The devotion that they have to eachother is simply irresistible, and you can’t help but want the happiest ever after for them. As for Blake, I loved how strong she was. Even with secrets and unknown pasts, I gotta give it to the girl. She just doesn’t give up, and I loved that about her. 

“I'm in love with you, Blake. I've been in love with you from the moment I saw you. I've been in love with you from the day I was born and possibly even before then. I belong to you. My body belongs to you. My heart belongs to you.”

As secrets get unveiled, The two of them are always there to support each other.  Then more secrets become revealed and shit hits the proverbial fan. Holy hell does it hit the fan! Twists and turns galore, I was constantly moving around sitting at the edge of my seat while reading, anxiously waiting for the next page to see what happens next. 

I’m in complete awe of how Claire wrote this novel. I felt like I was an investigator putting pieces of the puzzle together, one piece at a time. Once you find out the connections between everyone, it’s easier to figure out what you think is going to happen. Don’t be fooled though. I had a few theories that got shot down, and then a few that were absolutely on point. There are so many new questions and not every question you did have gets answered, but the ones that do... Holy shit. 

The one good thing about waiting to read a book is cliff hangers. Well. This is one hell of a cliff hanger. I think I would have died if I had to wait for the second book to come out. I mean damn, THAT was intense. I’m so glad that I get to delve right into the second book.  Again, this book was absolutely spectacular. I would recommend this to EVERYONE. Unless of course you aren’t old enough to handle the “mature” situations. ;) 

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