Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Review] Dust to Dust by Karina Halle


Perry Palomino and Dex Foray.

On their own, they’re uniquely brilliant. Together, they’re an unstoppable team.

Until now.

Because after everything the duo has encountered, they haven’t come across an evil quite like this. An evil that has been years in the making, an evil that will stop at nothing until they, and everyone they care for, are destroyed.

Dex and Perry’s love has survived a multitude of sins.

But can it survive the end?

This is a review of Dust to Dust, but also my overall feelings towards the series, Experiment in Terror.

It's always sad when a series comes to an end, but the ending of Experiment in Terror was particularly sad for me. EiT is the longest series I've read, and it quickly became one of my favorites. There's something special to be said about a book that can take you out of your reading comfort zone and make you change your mind. When I first started off with Darkhouse I didn't know what to expect. A horror novel? Usually I would say no thanks. I like my fluffy YA, angsty contemporary romance, and dystopian futures. After a particularly traumatizing reading of a Stephen King book I decided horror just was not my thing. Then, after some persistent prodding from a couple bookish friends I decided to take the leap. I never looked back.

Dust to Dust packs the same punch as all the previous Experiment in Terror books. There's still the same great Dex one liners and Perry wit, but Karina definitely stepped it up with the feels. I didn't cry, but that was mostly because I was a speed reading demon trying to get to the next part. Certain losses hit me like a punch in the gut, but I know they were necessary. I can't say too much about what happened without turning this entire review into a spoiler. The creepy factor was still pretty hardcore. Think huge spiders, cockroaches with human eyes, and some old friends... I'll leave that to your imagination.

Perry will forever be one of my favorite female characters[I even have my cat named after her last year]. Her development over the series was amazing. She was never really a weak girl, but she gained so much strength throughout that she definitely makes her early self look like a weakling. The thing I love most about Perry is that she never gives up. All the terrible things that have happened to her would make some of the strongest people lay down and give up, but they just motivated Perry to become something more. She's the kind person that would, and has many times, put everything everything on the line for the people she loves.

Dex... what can I say about Declan Foray? He's funny, brave, strong, sexy. He's also cocky and kind of a douche. Even though he can be a cocky douche Dex is my ultimate book boyfriend. His one liners never fail to make me laugh. But what I love about Dex the most is that beneath all the jokes and cockiness he's really a great guy. His love for Perry is what drives him, and just like she would do anything for him, he would do anything for her.

Dex and Perry's relationship is one of my all time favorites. I rarely like insta love, so the slow burn relationship that Dex and Perry worked for me on so many levels. By Lying Season I think all the EIT fans were ready to slap some sense into both of them. But the wait and the build up made it that much better, and the relationship that much stronger. Damn, I'm going to miss Perry and Dex.

What I was most afraid of was not being satisfied with the ending. I always have this fear going into a last book, especially one I love this much. I didn't doubt Karina's ability to give us a satisfying goodbye, but I was still nervous. I didn't need to be worried. Yes, I'm a little heartbroken. Yes, I had to mourn some losses. But everything felt right. So, farewell Perry Palomino and Declan Foray, I will remember you fondly.

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