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Review: Ruining Me by Nicole Reed

Title: Ruining Me
Published: Sept. 26, 2012
Author: Nicole Reed
Pages: 149

From Goodreads:
Eighteen year old Jay Stevenson is living a horrible nightmare.

Two years ago, she had the world in the palm of her hand, but in one moment, it was ruined. Secrets, lies, and the worst imaginable betrayal haunt her new reality. Burying her problems under a cold fa├žade seems to be the only way to cope until it all catches up with her. Soon, she loses control of the lonely world she built around her, and the past, present, and future collide.

Three guys are there when it all comes crashing down: JT, the perfect boyfriend she never wanted to give up; Rhye, the local bad boy “rock star” who made her forget the past; and Kane, the funny and sweet tattooed bartender who wants her future.

Secrets must be kept. Choices must be made. Is it possible to move forward while still chained to the wicked vices of the past?


It's disappointing when I get such great recommendations for a book and it ends up being forgettable. I read Ruining Me a few weeks back and I hardly remember the characters or plot, so I had to do a quick skim through. The characters were bland and the plot could have used some fleshing out. I think it was a good idea that was maybe just a bit too rushed, but there was definite potential. I think that with a little more time and character building this story could have been much better. I will say that I think I'm in the minority with my feelings on this book.

Jay had a rough two years. After a traumatic event[you figure it out pretty early on] she spends two years pushing away her friends and perfect boyfriend. She becomes a local at the bar, where even though they know her age they serve her. She has a few hookups[which qualifies her to be a slut apparently]. Then when a new hot bartender, Kane, comes in he's unable to resist her. Suddenly Jay's popular football boyfriend, JT, is interested in her again. Then there's Rhye, a guy she fooled around with, who is back in her life again. It was just a little bit too much.

“Look at me, Jay. If I could walk away, I would. I need to walk away, but I can't. Nothing in this world could make me. Shit, it's only been twenty-four hours since we met. This is crazy. You don't know me, but I know you feel this.”

Insta-love, I'm not a fan. And it's not that it's not possible, but there's just something so overdone about it. And this love was definitely instant. There's instant new love and there's instant renewed love. It seemed almost forced in some parts, I just couldn't feel the chemistry between Jay and any of the three guys who were fighting for her affection.

Everything about this story seemed to happen so fast, including the ending. While I was connected enough to at least feel something for the characters, it still fell flat. The one thing I really liked about this book is the potential. The story was there, the characters were there, but it wasn't put together that well. I'm still interested in what will happen next so I will read the next book, I've actually already bought it.

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