Thursday, February 6, 2014

[Review] Legend by Marie Lu

Legend (Legend, #1)
Legend by Marie Lu
305 pages
Released November 29th 2011

There is a lot of hype centered around this book. “It's the next Hunger Games!” one reviewer wrote, and that instantly turned me off. I'm tired of reading books that are the “next” something. I like reading books that are their own. Now, of course, all books follow some kind of formula, so naturally this book is like a lot of others. There's a heroine and a hero. There's a good versus evil factor. There's love. And although Legend might be like others it is unique. It felt like it's own book, and I didn't think “Hey! This is just like ---!” at any point.

The main characters are so instantly likeable and Lu does such a great job writing in a dual POV[I usually always have a problem with this]. I had a few spotty moments with June, but she has so many redeeming qualities that trump the few things that bothered me.

is one of those times when I kind of want to slap myself for being afraid of hype. The main reason this book deserves the hype is because it does exactly what it should, it kept me entertained and I became invested in characters. I tried reading another book after and I couldn't get into it, I just couldn't stop thinking about June and Day. It didn't help that I already had Prodigy on my shelf. Needless to say I gave up on the other book and read Prodigy instead. If you're a dystopian lover and you've been afraid of the hype like I have all I can say is GO READ LEGEND and judge it for yourself.

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